Angry birds copy in linux

Kris Occhipinti is currently in the middle of creating a 2D game created using the Blender 3D game engine. The game, called Pissed Off Penguins, looks similar to the popular “Angry Birds” game most of you have likely heard about. I wanted to outline this open-source project and expose some of the unique techniques Kris is using to both fund this project and create the game itself.

The first thing I found interesting was that Kris is using the project funding platform to raise the funds for developing the game. The way I understand Kickstarter to work is a project idea is proposed, a donation goal is set, and if the goal is met within the time threshold, the project is successfully Kickstarted. People that donate to the project, known as “backers”, are given all types of incentives depending on the amount they donate. Check out the incentives for this project. Donations start at $1.

The second unique thing about the POP project is the entire process is being documented on Kris’ Youtube channel.  Each video he puts out shows a different step or an update on the games’ progress. You can see how the game looks as it’s being created, each step that’s taken and each mistake that’s made. This type of documentation really provides a valuable training resource for users interested in a similar game startup and it’s a great incentive for people to donate and be apart of the project.


‘Mega Games Pack’ Free Games on Ubuntu

Mega Games Pack (MGP) by GlennLChugg is a standalone client for Ubuntu that allows you to download and play hundreds of free Linux games. Though there is Ubuntu Software Center (USC) and Desura client, MGP have some other useful features.

  • All games are free to install and play. MGP can launch any installed game from client itself.
  • Automatically adds your locally installed games to the client by searching .desktop files.
  • Uses GetDeb and other online repositories to update games.
  • Automatically fetches description and screenshots. You can also edit screenshots and description to add your own versions.
  • All games are neatly categorized into meaningful categories.
MGP is currently in beta testing mode so there will be bugs and issues. Also only one developer is working on it at the moment so keep that in mind. Some of the planned features include a themeable interface and support for global hotkeys.
Some Screenshots

Installation Instructions
  • Extract the archive downloaded from the link above and run the file install in terminal.
  • Once the installation is finished, you will be able to launch MGP from desktop shortcut or from main menu.
  • The first time you run MGP, it will take approx 60 seconds to scan your computers games. When you run it again it’ll use a local cached database and load almost instantly.