Angry birds copy in linux

Kris Occhipinti is currently in the middle of creating a 2D game created using the Blender 3D game engine. The game, called Pissed Off Penguins, looks similar to the popular “Angry Birds” game most of you have likely heard about. I wanted to outline this open-source project and expose some of the unique techniques Kris is using to both fund this project and create the game itself.

The first thing I found interesting was that Kris is using the project funding platform to raise the funds for developing the game. The way I understand Kickstarter to work is a project idea is proposed, a donation goal is set, and if the goal is met within the time threshold, the project is successfully Kickstarted. People that donate to the project, known as “backers”, are given all types of incentives depending on the amount they donate. Check out the incentives for this project. Donations start at $1.

The second unique thing about the POP project is the entire process is being documented on Kris’ Youtube channel.  Each video he puts out shows a different step or an update on the games’ progress. You can see how the game looks as it’s being created, each step that’s taken and each mistake that’s made. This type of documentation really provides a valuable training resource for users interested in a similar game startup and it’s a great incentive for people to donate and be apart of the project.


How to run windows games on Linux?

So, you just started using Linux, but found out that your favorite Windows games and applications do not have a Linux edition. What should you do then? Set up a separate computer just for Windows, or abandon Linux and go back to Windows. If you have the means, you can opt for the former, but the second option is not necessary.
Why? Well, you see, you can run many Windows games and applications directly in your favorite Linux distribution, without installing Windows. That magic is made possible by an application called Wine. (The name is recursive for Wine INot anEmulator.)
Running Wine is very simple. Because it is already in your distribution’s repository, all you need to do is install it using your distribution’s package manager. But installing it is just the beginning. You have to configure it.
But even that is easy because most people running Wine configure and manage it using a graphical frontend, of which there is just a few in active development. In this article, I will list the graphical interfaces that are still in active development.
Note that not all Windows programs will run on Wine, and even some that run will not do so without one or more minor or major issues that will need fixing.

There are four graphical interface still in active development. They are: Winetricks, PlayonLinux, WineGame, and Q4wine.

  1. Winetricks – This is the best of the frontends. It was a lot more fun to use than the others. Its most important feature is that it makes it easy to install trial or demo applications without you actually having the applications or games. It does that by downloading and installing selected applications from the program’s website. This is its startup interface.
    And this is a partial list of available applications. Those that show “download” in the “Media” column are automatically downloaded and installed.
    World of Warcraft
    That was how I installed World of Warcraft (WoW). This is a screenshot from a test installation.
    World of Warcraft (WoW)
  2. PlayonLinux – Offers a simple to use interface, but does not have the automatic download-and-install feature of Winetricks. What it does have, however, is a very active community.
  3. WineGame – This will probably not be in your distribution’s repository, but you may install it by following the instructions here. I did not have much success working with WineGame, but that should not stop you from trying it. The image below shows the main interface.
  4. Q4wine – This a Qt4 interface for Wine, and runs on Linux and FreeBSD, which likely means that it will also run onPC-BSD. Like PlayonLinux and WineGame, Q4wine did not work as well as Winetricks. A few of its features are:
    • Can work with different versions of wine simultaneously
    • Makes it easy to extract icons from PE files (.exe .dll)
    • Autostart icons support

    This image shows the startup view of Q4wine.
    Q4Wine Setup
    And this, shows the Programs tab. You may view more screenshots here.
    Q4Wine Interface

Game Programming : XNA introduction

hello friends,  sorry for not posting anything for the long time…..

I am back with a really interesting thing which is game programming with a new library called Microsoft XNA framework. which is used for making games for windows and XBOX 360 plateform.

Wanna make games like this?

How to be a game programmer?

To be a game programmer you need to have really good programming skills in one of the following languages  C++,  java, C# u can also program games in Visual basic,

second thing u need to know is some kind 3D software {like 3D max or Blender}, and some kind of image and texture making software like photoshop,

and surprisingly u need to know mathematics and physics well, to implement game physics.

How to start game programming?

You can start game programming with one of the three technologies  DirectX(C++), JAVA , or  XNA (C#)  , depending upon which language u know well.

I’ll be talking about XNA because i know it better. XNA is the framework which integrates with Visual studio. XNA has a lot of predefined classes and code which we can use in our game programming. for example 3D object in the game is called a MODEL we can import this 3D model in the game using the Model class as:

Model car = content.Load<Model>(“car”);

which makes it very easy to load the model. XNA has hundreds of classes which helps the programmer.

Price of XNA framework?

I think this is the first free microsoft product that i am using. the only time you have to pay for XNA is when you are registering the product on (XNA creators club) website. which you need to make games for your XBOX.  Don’t worry you don’t need to pay for developing windows game.

hey XNA is free but what about visual studio?

ya visual studio is expensive. but u can use free version of  visual studio called visual studio express edition and if you want full version, i don’t need to tell u where to get it.

which version of visual studio and XNA ?

there are different versions of XNA supported by different versions of visual studio:

Visual studio 2005 : XNA 2

Visual studio 2008 : XNA 3

Visual studio 2010 : XNA 4

This is my first 3D Game in XNA

 which type of game programming 2D or 3D ?

we can develop both type of games 2D and 3D with XNA. I’ll recommend to start with 2D first to understand how game works. 3D programming is complex and requires good understanding of vectors and angles (again mathematics).

Any tutorials for XNA ?

I can give u the links of tons of tutorials on XNA but i am giving links to only those tutorials which i found very useful.

1. XNA 101 3D buzz: best game programming tutorials i have ever seen, best for newbies, explains each concept in detail, u’ll make lots of games, but u need atleast 2-3 free weeks to complete the course.{just 2D games}

for rich monkeys:

for poor dogs who can’t buy like monkeys:

torrent link

2. XNA creators club tutorials: (both 2D and 3D) these online tutorials are really nice but in less detail then the above one.

plz comment if u have any questions…

some snaps of games developed using XNA: