Best budget smartphones

Even if you don’t see a device here with your name on it, they all prove the theory that you don’t need to spend top dollar to enjoy premium mobile features.

Nokia Lumia 710 (T-Mobile)

The $49.99 Nokia Lumia 710 is an excellent way to get the growing capabilities of a Windows Mango smartphone for a rock-bottom price. Though it isn’t an Android superphone with a luscious AMOLED display, it’s a practical device that covers all the mobile bases.

(Credit: Sarah Tew )

ZTE Warp (Boost Mobile)

The ZTE Warp offers a solid Android Gingerbread experience, rich call quality, and a conservative design, all for an affordable $199 on Boost Mobile’s prepaid, no-contract cellular service

(Credit: Josh Miller)

Pantech Pocket (AT&T)

An intriguing design, user-friendly take on Android, and a reliable camera make the Pantech Pocket an interesting choice for AT&T. It also has 4G HSPA+ speeds.

(Credit: Josh Miller)

HTC Wildfire S (Metro PCS)

The HTC Wildfire S is a beautifully built Android 2.3 Gingerbread handset with a decent 5-megapixel camera and lots of additional software features.

(Credit: Josh Miller)

Samsung Focus Flash (AT&T)

The Samsung Focus Flash offers excellent value for its modest price, with a zippy 1.4GHz processor, two cameras, and a vivid screen

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