Installing Windows XP/7 from USB drive

In this post w’ll see the procedure of making a bootable USB drive from an image of Windows XP or Windows 7, and installing it on your system.

What you need for this procedure?

USB drive : 1 or 2 or 4 GB is enough.

Windows XP/7 image:  image is copy of a CD can be made or downloaded, image file has extension “.iso” (there are many image files like .img , .uif , .nrg but iso is standard)

Flashboot : is a software which is used to make bootable usb drive.


1. Download and install flashboot. (demo version but works fine)

2. Download windows XP/7 image from torrent or any other source,( u can also make a image from the bootable CD using  CDBurnerXP or magic iso or magic disk)

3.  follow the procedure shown in the images:

1) Run FlashBoot, click Next

2) Choose CD -> USB in Main Menu

3) Choose CD/DVD drive or image file and click Next

4) Choose “Convert Windows XP/2000 installation CD” from the scenario list and click Next

5) Choose target USB disk (flash, HDD) or image file and click Next

6) Enter volume label or leave it as is and click Next

7) Check summary information and click Next

8) Wait for process completion

9) USB disk is ready for use. Click OK to exit

4.  Now you have a bootable flash drive. Plug it in the computer on which you want to install Windows & reboot.

5. Go to Boot menu (for intel  motherboards, press F10 number of times when computer is starting specifically on the blue Intel screen) and select your USB device from the menu.

6. Follow the procedure given in the screenshots in the  below link(the webpage in the link is heavy,  have patience  ).

be careful while making partitions.

You can also install any linux distro.(like ubuntu, suse,  redhat etc) using same procedure but the software used will be Unebootin.

plz comment if u have any query.



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