Advance Google search

Hi friends,

Find  e-book, songs,  movies or whatever you like using google and direct download for free.

This post will be very useful if you are tired of slow speed of torrents or freeky time delay of rapidshare and megaupload.

download anything just using GOOGLE.

Google provides some advance search queries which can be used to find specific stuff.

Some advance queries are in this video:

Search ebooks:

intitle:”index of” parent directory “book name”


intitle:”index of”  programming book

2. For songs

intitle:”index of” parent directory “song name” mp3


intitle:”index of” parent directory tighten up mp3

All the sites will contain one click downloads.

Not all results will be useful, but u may find some links which contain the collection of books, songs or the content you searched for.

Also remember, GOOGLE UNCLE don’t allow more than 10 advance queries because these advance queries can be used by hackers for unethical purpose.

if google has blocked you from searching try after some time or fill capche.

I use this technique allot for downloading ebooks and trust me its the best way u can download e-books.

You can also jump to the upper level of hierarchy by editing URL:

if URL is :

Jump one level UP:


And if you are a big fan of angry birds like me. then try out angry birds app in Google chrome browser. 


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  1. JUSTIN says:

    I need tips on project topics download

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